Lyrica for Depression and Anxiety


Reasons behind going for Lyrica for Depression and Anxiety: Depression and anxiety have become common problems in our society due to various reasons such as economic and physical health, death of near ones or different types of employment related complications. We have witnessed a rapid increase in popularity of Lyrica for Depression and Anxiety treatment. This is because it induces certain favorable reactions in our body which aid our nervous system. Before going into various details regarding popularity of Lyrica for Depression and Anxiety treatment, we need to understand anxiety and depression completely.


Introduction to anxiety: Anxiety refers to such a state of mind which leads to uneasiness, worry or unfounded fear of certain things or events. The stimulus of anxiety is often unreal and is related with severe mood swings. It is mostly considered to be the fear of events which are going to take place in the future. A major reason of anxiety is stress. Some scientists are of the view that it might become a trigger for the affected individual to make such efforts to remove the causes of anxiety. However, the most prevalent view about anxiety is negative and if it goes on abated, it has a potential for becoming a disorder as well.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The anxiety levels of an individual might reach alarming levels and he or she might start worrying about certain things unnecessarily. The individual would become worried excessively about various problems that might come up in future. This results in certain complications such as fatigue, headache, insomnia etc.


Reasons behind Generalized Anxiety Disorder: There are many conditions which might lead to this disorder. Further, it might set in due to high levels of stress. Sometimes, stress is prevalent in many generations of some families due to various reasons. This may lead to development of this disorder. It is also possible that prolonged and excessive use of alcohol can result in this disorder. Moreover, if an individual stops consumption of alcohol abruptly, he or she might develop this disorder, though for a short time.


Depression: Depression is characterized by a number of negative emotions such as hopelessness, worthlessness, fatigue, insomnia etc. It might result from a number of factors such as economic hardship, decrease in interest in such activities which the patient would have enjoyed in the past. Individuals who would have suffered failed relationships or have gone through de-addiction of alcohol and drugs are also known to develop mild to severe levels of depression.


Use of Lyrica for Depression and Anxiety treatment: A number of medicines are available in the market which might be used for treatment of depression and stress. However, most of them are known to be addictive and lead to development of certain side effects such as headache, nausea and constipation etc. However, Lyrica is known to be effective against these disorders even when it doesn’t lead to such serious side effects.


Another disadvantage related with these drugs is that the patients tend to develop resistance against these medicines and the body may stop giving any positive response to these medicines. Further, many such medicines like various types of benzodiazepines tend to disrupt the sleep patterns of the patients. This is because these produce such unfavorable reactions in the body of the patient which might lead to disruption in sleep.


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